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Bri's Science Fiction Collection

Warning! Some stories contain Language and/or Violance that may offend some readers.

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Karla's Kidnap by Robert Deakin - (35k)
  NAC briefing on the Kra'Vak

The Long Journey Home by Beth Fulton - (31k)
  Betrayal at a Human Forces staging area in the war against the Kra'Vak.

R-143h by Brian Bell - (?k)   * Coming Soon *
  UN Exploration Cruiser meets an alien of a different nature

The Hivemind Stirs by Brian Bell - (?k)
  Warhammer 40,000 Tyranid story.

Röt Hafen Saga by Carlos Lourenco   Also available on Los' Fiction Page link

O're the Warp and Far Away Prose by Carlos Lourenco
   A NAC shanty... (5k)

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