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Bri's Science Fiction Collection
R’lyehwiki — A wiki for role-playing and wargaming background information.
R’lyehwiki—D&D Wiki — A private wiki for Dungeons & Dragons Next.
R’lyeh GM Wiki — A private wiki for Game/Dungeon Masters.
Discs-n-Dice — A blog about Disc Golf, Wargames, Role-Playing games & other topics.
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My Testimony — Links, Web Rings
2016.08.12 It has been a long several years. My wife has had a number of medical issues that has had her in and out of the hospital. I had to quit my job to take care of her. This has taken all of my time and energy, so I have had very little time to work on the site. I have removed a large amount of content that I could not maintain. The main focus of the site now is the R'lyehwiki wiki for games. The wiki is down currently do to an update in the mediawiki software. I will try to recover the information as soon as time permits. If you play D&D 5th edition, and want access to either the Rlyehwiki-D&D or Rlyeh GM wiki, please send me an email request.
2014.07.1 A note of apology: I migrated that website to a new host, expecting to fully restore it to its former glory. However, I have had several (and ongong) family crisis. This has kept me for devoting the necessary time and effort to restore and update this site. The parts that still work are the wiki, blog, reports and items under "other interests". I am uncertain when or if I will be able to devote the time to finish the restoration. Please accept my apology.
2011.07.14 Added link to Discs-n-Dice blog.
2011.05.25 Began rebuild of Links/Navigation page.
2011.05.24 Moved front page into a frameset. Continuing work on changing pages from ASP pages to HTML.
2011.04.27 Begain migration to a new host. This will take a bit as the new host does not support ASP pages. Thus, I will need to convert back to static pages or a "Word Press"-like interface.

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